Blastcool – Al fresco dining on the rise

By on September 19, 2013

The sizzling summer has been good news for outdoor kitchen specialists, Blastcool. After successive miserable summers, this year’s heat wave has given Britons the opportunity they have been waiting for to spruce up their gardens.

According to a leading DIY store, year-on-year sales of barbecues have rocketed by 89%, while sales of outdoor furniture have risen 56%.

However, Blastcool – the market leaders in outdoor kitchen refrigerators – claim Brits are not just renewing weathered garden furniture; the company says homeowners are becoming even more ambitious with their outdoor spaces.


“In 2009 a new trend emerged in Australia – that of installing outdoor kitchens,” says Naomi Wynn, National Accounts Manager of Blastcool. “Demand for our outdoor refrigerators in Australia has been very strong over the last four years”.

Foreseeing the same trend developing in the United Kingdom and Europe, Blastcool was introduced in 2013.

“We are now Europe’s one and only supplier of refrigerators, which are IP safety rated to operate outdoors,” says Naomi.

Built specifically for domestic use, Blastcool’s refrigerators maintain the extreme performance of commercial refrigeration with the elegance, energy efficiency and eco credentials demanded by sophisticated home owners.

A family-run company, Blastcool traces its roots back to steel manufacturing in the late 1800s and commercial refrigeration starting in the late 90s. After years of development, Edward Jonas’ company this year segued into the domestic market with Blastcool.

“Blastcool is the product of our experience in commercial refrigeration and knowledge of the growing demand to entertain at home; as well as the requirement of commercial-grade, weather-proof equipment in the garden,” explains Naomi Wynn.

“We supply Europe’s only outdoor safety-rated beverage refrigerators – there are no other fridges that have been certified safe for outdoor use.”
The high-grade refrigerators are made from stainless steel and look the part in any outdoor kitchen – although they can also stand alone.
Blastcool refrigerators will keep your beer and wine cool in temperatures up to 40C heat and are not affected by direct rainfall.

For more information about Blastcool contact 01244 321 320 or visit

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