Angels Of The Ocean A Mauritian Marvel

By on October 10, 2016

Swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat is a deeply moving experience bringing you into contact with strikingly beautiful scenery, unspoiled landscapes and wonderful animals.

There’s simply no finer place in the world to enjoy this than on the west coast of Mauritius.

The crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean are home to the amazing and incredibly intelligent grey Bottlenose Dolphin, with its playful and graceful demeanour. Anything in size between two and four metres, these wonderful creatures exude friendliness and tranquillity when shown the complete respect of humans. You’ll find them early morning generally in groups or pods of around 15, swimming casually around the coastline of Tamarin, heading for the deeper sea off the Le Morne peninsula. Living off small fish means they need to make this trip regularly, using the magnificent Mauritian coastal area to both rest and sleep. Bottlenose Dolphins actually inhabit warm and temperate seas worldwide. The Spinner Dolphin by contrast is dark grey with darker patches in the tail stock, back and throat. You’ll sometimes see a white streak on the belly. The beak is distinctively long and thin, with a dark tip.

Why are they called ‘spinners’? This movement in and out of the water can give us clues, though we can’t be certain why they do this. One suggestion is the great cauldron of bubbles created on exit and re-entry may act as a target for echolocation by other individuals in the school. It may also be simply play-acting. Individual dolphins have been spotted completing at least 14 spinning jumps in a single movement. Studies over the years have revealed dolphins to be extremely intelligent, capable of displaying human emotion. They also reciprocate humans and are known to display friendly attributes.

Dolphins are great bow riders and just love the interaction with humans given the complete freedom of their own natural surroundings. There are several highly professional and organised boat trips available, enabling anyone to either come up close or swim with these angels of the sea. You will always be fully briefed and supported to get the very best out of your experience. The activity is carried out in a natural and peaceful environment of course. Mauritius offers a perfect recluse for not only humans but creatures like dolphins to rest and relax. They are at their friendly best and enjoy the attention they receive from humans.

Mauritius generally will have a therapeutic effect on the soul much like the Dolphins found here. Property wise – how about your own apartment on the beach close to Tamarin? If this appeals you’ll be impressed with a first floor duplex carrying magnificent views of the bay. In fact, there are sea views on both levels one and two. At level one there’s a large living room opening onto a veranda and terrace, kitchen, laundry room, two bedrooms and a bathroom. Upstairs is a master bedroom with dressing room and bathroom opening onto an open-top terrace of 36 square metres, a second bedroom with bathroom and private terrace of 5.7 square metres and a parking area.

There’s also an elevator on the property. The residence has a large and beautiful swimming pool with garden and above all, direct access to the beach. This offers a unique opportunity to own an apartment close to the water and on freehold land. Accessible to foreigners, these apartments sold under the old RES investment scheme facilitating your right to a Mauritian residence permit. Prices of duplex are available from €1,563,550 (depending on the exchange rate) There are no agency fees. (

Tamarina Golf and Beach Estate is home to the most wonderful luxury lifestyle. Located quietly at the end of a cul-de-sac, the Tamarina villa is one of the few on the estate offering an elevated view of the river estuary below. This four bedroom property comes at an affordable price presenting harmonious living by combining natural elements. There are large verandas overlooking sizeable landscaped gardens and a swimming pool. All residences have access to an 18-hole Championship golf course by Rodney Wright, with its own club house. If you need to relax, the estate has its very own beach club housing a restaurant serving lunches and dinners, overlooking the large Bay of Tamarin. The price tag is £1,443,974. (

Dolphins can teach us so much about how humans or mammals can live together in harmony and without destroying their individual worlds. They say a few minutes spent in close proximity with any of the species can have a calming effect on our own psyche. So why not immerse yourself in the adventure of a lifetime and swim with dolphins in crystal clear waters? Or make it a regular experience by investing in the laid back heavenly Mauritian lifestyle.

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