A Calypso of Carribean Delights

By on November 5, 2014

Grahame Anderson mixed the luxury rhythm of two Caribbean hotspots, with the   harmonious investment tune of two less familiar but just as welcoming havens. The result? Property calypso perfection!


It was Astronaut, Chris Hadfield who said: “When you’re on one of the Caribbean islands, sometimes it’s hard to picture how they fit in with the rest, but when you see them all joined together like a necklace from space, you see the natural geographic connectedness of them all.”


Those wise words were like mango and soursop ice cream, to the people of these magical islands. Well received just like the increasing numbers of Brits who now call these exotic lands, ‘home.’


On Barbados, the vast majority of buyers seek a place on the west coast, alongside the balmiest of beaches lined with palm trees and lush greenery. Multi-million pound homes blend in superbly with traditional chattel houses, with Bars, shops and restaurants cloe by.


There are sumptuous villas, condos and town houses to suit every taste ranging in price from $2,500,000 right up to $8,500,000. Popular areas include charismatic Sandy lane to exciting Apes Hill, ambient Weston St. James to regal Royal Westmoreland. Some rental properties here can actually return an impressive yield of between six and eight per cent.


As we jump into our imaginary helicopter and head 108 miles north west, we’ll discover the very lovely island of St. Lucia. It was named after Saint Lucy of Syracuse by the French, who were the first European settlers here. As part of the ‘Windwards’, we find awesome banana orchards, dramatic twin peaks, and the most enthralling birds of paradise emanating from the surrounding rain forests. It may be just 27 miles long and 14 miles wide, but every yard offers both paradise and the best in luxury lifestyle for potential investors. People choose St. Lucia for its tranquil aura and calming atmosphere.


A fantastic four bedroomed villa at Bay View on the headland with private pool and stunning views of Marigot Bay, could be yours for $1,960,000. Or you may prefer a three bedroomed town town house offering gated security, on the prestigious Cap Estate development.


A harbour front apartment on St. Lucia will cost around $570,000, with a three bedroomed beach-side villa available for $1,800,000. More than $550,000, will secure a plot on the island’s largest private marina development, ‘The Landings’.


Fractions of a villa can be bought at ‘Freedom Bay’, an eco luxury resort within a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Former England cricketer Andrew Strauss, has a two bedroomed villa here. Mick Jagger has a place not far away and Oprah Winfrey cited this as, ‘One of the five places you must see within your lifetime.’


It’s worth noting The St. Lucian Government have offered a ten year exemption from income tax, in order to tempt long term property investors.


As we ascend once more moving 229 miles north west, we can soon let the intoxicating radiance and natural beauty of St. Kitts and Nevis wash over us. There are three, four and five bedroomed water fronted villas on both islands from $1,495,000 to $5,525,000, all streaming with the light rays of luxury. You can inhale the scent of jasmine at St. Martin, where a five bedroomed villa from heaven can be purchased for a spine tingling $9,950,000. Close by, Mongoose and vervet monkeys roam freely.


Finally, we head a further 125 nautical miles further north west until we catch sight of the amazing British Virgin islands, glistening in azure waters. An archipelago of some 60 cays and islets, powdery white beaches and lush green mountains go hand in hand.


The people are warm and welcoming, but new-comers, or ‘non-belongers,’ as they are known locally, can only purchase after the property has been offered to ‘local belongers’ first, at the agreed price. Politically stable and based on the English law system, this offshore banking stronghold is the only Caribbean island not to rely on tourism.


Tortola is not just host to the island capital of Road Town, but a financial hub offering a number of well heeled properties to match. The well designed Nanny Cay waterfront development consists of 32 town houses with a front mooring for a small boat, on a private waterway. You can rent, but prices for a two bedroomed house with incredible views of the sea start at $650,000. Spectacular ocean and island views can be had, on a six bedroomed hillside property at St. Edmunds for around $4,000,000,


Sir Richard Branson owns the 74 acre, ‘Necker Island’, just North of Virgin Gorda, now a private island retreat, teaming with wildlife. He says: “We are fortunate enough to live on Necker, the most beautiful place in the world, because it is our home where we can live life to the full. We decided to move permanently to Necker, as we feel it gives me and my wife Joan the best chance to live another few productive decades.”


As a non resident purchasing property in the area for any use, it’s a requirement to obtain an alien land holding license, granted by the British Virgin Islands Government. This is a straightforward process but could take up to a year, so patience and forward planning are key. Excellent real estate can also be purchased on the BVI’s two other main islands of Anegada and Jost Van Dyke.


And so, our journey ends to the heart-warming beat of the ultimate luxurious Caribbean calypso – the sea Goddess herself would surely approve.

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